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"Unknown EP" now in progress and ~1/3 done.

Posted by Alloud - April 10th, 2014

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I had to take a lot of really tough courses this year and it's been sapping my creativity, time and drive. The term's almost over and I'm looking forward to a long Summer and a job. I've mostly been tinkering with small projects since the last song I put out; trying out new synths and effects, getting new samples and playing around with my new keyboard controller and adjusting to the new workflow it provides.

But I think I'm starting to get back in to it. I have a basis for each track on my next EP and one track is done so far, and I've already made the album art/music video template. Hopefully I'll be able to get in the mood to finish everything quickly. New songs on the EP will be two DnB tracks, one Ambient/Chill track and one Progressive House track. Then I'll probably throw in Karmafield and superRescue because they don't have homes.

Here's a little preview of the music video. (no sound, just heavily compressed HTLM5)


The Coyote line-art provided for free by:



P.S.: I'm worried about the Audio Portal. The "Popular Audio" section has been shrinking, with only a couple tracks in there each week it seems, when there should be like 8 or so. I kind of rely on getting songs in to that because that seems to be where people go to listen to music the most on this site, aside from the homepage I imagine. Whether Newgrounds changed their algorithms or visitor/contributor counts are dropping, I don't think it's a good thing.


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It's OK that you've been busy. I'm in the exact same musical and practical situation, albeit with less experience with both music and tests...

Anyway, I look forward to the EP, it may distract me from my loop of listening to Wolfgun, practicing drumpad then going back to Wolfun.

And the Audio Portal is doing badly. Most people thing Newgrounds is dead anyway.

Anyhow, good luck with everything, peace out,

Thanks for the wishes, good luck with your own stuff. d:

Wolfgun, eh? Cool stuff. He works with Rchetype a lot, and Rchetype is like my hero. lol.