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Loved it :D

Pikachu never really stood a chance anyways, 1/2 damage on Grass types :V

In summary: YES

This is just like the old awesome movies you used to make. The hilarious expressions, the story (or lack thereof) and it's just crazy and funny and awesome.

Great job on this one!

Good topic xD

Great voice quality, liked the touches thrown in. Although it is a stick animation which to me isn't the most appealing kind.

I agree with this o:

And just go listen to some hardcore or something.

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It was cool.

Got to the first puzzle, wondered what the hell I was supposed to do, solved it about ten seconds later; simple enough.
Went down the ladder and tried out the one on the left. I had no idea what to do.

So I left it with Z to try the other one, and the game stopped working. I can't move or re-enter the puzzle.

Starts awesome, then gets kind of boring.

Animation's great, sprites are nice, environments are detailed. It's all pretty cool

I like how you added different kinds of enemies, but the gameplay never really changed throughout the whole thing.

Also, is there a block (or just a bug)? I pressed A and D together and the bunny held out his sword in front of him and used up some mana. If it is a block I think it would have been better to map it to it's own key.

Great idea.

Nice idea, well executed. I enjoyed this a lot. Cool graphics, music, menus.

The grammar errors, however, we're terrible. They made certain things almost illegible.

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Fantastic o:

I thought it was excellent. Loud, deep, and gives that "bring it on" feeling.

I really, really wish the hip-hop percussion wasn't added. It takes away from the song quite a bit, the contemporary style seems to clash with them.

Maverlyn responds:

in the second version i can remove it.

Don't contradict yourself!

The song is titled Casual day, while your description mentions casual night.

Anyways. A bit repetitive, and some of the note choices could have been better on the main melody. Also would be nice to have some higher frequencies on the main synth so it stands out, and an outro wouldn't hurt either o:

If it's walking music you're going for I'd stray away from repetition, since walking is boring as it is. Left. Right. Left. Right. So having dynamic music would take some of that bore away.

SamuraiPikachu responds:

Thanks, and yeah I kind of caught that the second I uploaded. Yet another repetitive issue, though, I'm trying to cut it out. Thanks for the advice!

I dig it.

I usually love the highly melodic styles of Nobuo Uematsu and Motoi Sakuraba for battle music, but while this was "simple" it's still a very fitting and catchy battle theme o:

carhondalet responds:

next time i'll try for something a little more complex, maybe i'll listen to uematsu and sakuraba for some ideas. thanks for the response and vote! greatly appreciated :D

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You cheap ass, you've just automatically won the princess' kiss.

Anyways, love the picture, the lighting, and all the little details thrown in on the characters o:

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